Counseling Services/College & Career Readiness

The Region 9 ESC Counseling Cooperative provides on-site counseling services ½ day once per week OR one day per every two weeks per small district/campus (limited to 8 small districts/campuses).  In addition to on-site services for Tier I districts, all participanting districts will have access to counselor networking metings, workshops related to HB 5 implementation, counseling topics, and technical assistance.

Services provided:

  • On-site counseling services (HB 5 implementation/endorsement planning, college/career counseling, assistance with PGPs, graduation plans, etc) plus all Tier II services. 
    Assistance with state assessments is NOT a part of this cooperative.
  • On-site student/teacher seminars in any of the rollowing areas:
    • Bullying
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Conflict Management
    • Other Topics as Requested



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