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Phone: 940-322-6928
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, Administrator
Director of Technology Services
brett.thomas@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
David Anderson
Anderson, David
Behavior/Discipline Specialist
David.Anderson@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Christian Avera
Avera, Christian
Autism / PGC / Multi-Cultural Specialist
Christian.Avera@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Diane Balthrop
Balthrop, Diane
Instructional Resources Specialist
Diane.Balthrop@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Amy Blackwell
Blackwell, Amy
Assessment/Evaluation/Speech & Language Specialist
amy.blackwell@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Melanie Bloomfield
Bloomfield, Melanie
Elementary Math Specialist
melanie.bloomfield@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Polly Bryant
Bryant, Polly
Adult Education & Literacy Navigator
polly.bryant@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Mike Campbell
Campbell, Mike
Technology & Distance Learning Specialist
mike.campbell@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Darrell Case Case, Darrell
Custodian, Shift Supervisor
Darrell.Case@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Angelina Chapa
Chapa, Angelina
Bilingual / ESL / Migrant Specialist
Angelina.Chapa@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Michael Chapman
Chapman, Michael
CTE Specialist
Michael.Chapman@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Shari Coody
Coody, Shari
School Counselor
shari.coody@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Courtney Cooner
Cooner, Courtney
Head Start ERSEA Services Manager / Monitor
Courtney.Cooner@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Bryan  Covington
Covington, Bryan
Region 9 ESC
Allison Cummings
Cummings, Allison
Accounting Clerk
allison.cummings@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Debbie Cummings
Cummings, Debbie
HR Services / Certification Specilaist
debbie.cummings@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Shelly Cunningham
Cunningham, Shelly
Secondary ELA/Social Studies Specialist
shelly.cunningham@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Shari Davis
Davis, Shari
Student Accounting / PEIMS Specialist
Shari.Davis@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Cindy Dyes
Dyes, Cindy
Science Specialist
cynthia.dyes@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Kara Fluty
Fluty, Kara
ESSA Program Specialist
kara.fluty@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Darren Francis
Francis, Darren
Deputy Executive Director
darren.francis@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Linda Gibson
Gibson, Linda
Department Secretary, Adult Education
Linda.Gibson@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Marisa Hafley
Hafley, Marisa
Instructional Coaching Specialist
Marisa.Hafley@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Kristi Hankins
Hankins, Kristi
Federal Programs / Applications Specialist
Kristi.Hankins@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Connie Harrigal
Harrigal, Connie
Accounting Clerk
Connie.Harrigal@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Kathy Harvey
Harvey, Kathy
College & Career Readiness Education Specialist
Kathy.Harvey@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Miranda Havins
Havins, Miranda
High Reliability Schools Instructional Coaching Specialist
miranda.havins@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Janis Heebner
Heebner, Janis
Adult Education Professional Development Specialist
janis.heebner@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Tammy Henderson
Henderson, Tammy
Visual Impairment / Orientation & Mobility Specialist
Tammy.Henderson@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Jennifer Hettler
Hettler, Jennifer
Technology Integration Specialist
jennifer.hettler@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Ann Hicks
Hicks, Ann
Head Start Family Services Specialist
Ann.Hicks@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Nancy Holcombe
Holcombe, Nancy
Director, School Finance & PEIMS Services / Child Nutrition
nancy.holcombe@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Diane Hubbard
Hubbard, Diane
Secondary Math Specialist
Diane.Hubbard@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Vondell Hughes
Hughes, Vondell
Head Start Specialist 9 ESC View Website
Christy Johnson
Johnson, Christy
High Reliability Schools Instructional Coaching Specialist
christy.johnson@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Stacey Jurecek
Jurecek, Stacey
Coordinator, Head Start / Early Learning Services
stacey.jurecek@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
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