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Learning Foundations

Learning Foundations Contacts

Jill Landrum

Director of Learning Foundations

  • Kimberly Allen, RECESS Grant Instructional Coach for Teacher-Student Interactions
  • Carol Gibbs, Support Specialist for Teacher-Student Interactions
  • Christi Kelton, Early Learning Specialist (Pre-K/ECSE)
  • Vicki Lawson, Department Secretary
  • Kami Segers, Receptionist/Management Services Support
  • Barbara Seigler, Professional Development Specialist
  • Kim Thorne, Regional Public Private Partnership Specialist

Stacy Jurecek, Coordinator of Head Start/Early Learning

  • Courtney Cooner, Head Start ERSEA Services Manager/Monitor
  • Ann Hicks, Head Start Family Services Specialist
  • Vondell Hughes, Head Start Specialist
  • Sharon West, Head Start Education Services Manager/Monitor/Coach
  • Karen Yell, Head Start Family Services Specialist