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District Operations

The Department of District Operations offers technical assistance to all districts in the areas of Child Nutrition, School Health and SafetyCounseling Services, and Learning Resources Services.  In carrying out the duties of District Operations, staff will work with the Texas Education Agency and other appropriate state agencies when necessary.


Services provided:





Additional assistance provided:


  • Completing corrective actions as required by TEA
  • Technical assistance during on-site TEA visits
  • Technical assistance in program compliance and program evaluation for CTE programs





Current ESSA Reports due: PR1500 on November 30th, SC3001 on December 14th

ESSA Validations for 2018-2019: Schoolwide Elements, Supplement Not Supplant Methodology, District Translation Policy, and Parent & Family Engagement Policy. 

CTE: Click here to see upcoming Certifcation Trainings for CTE staff regarding industry certifications.



Transportation Services - Greg Enis

Greg Enis 
Transportation Specialist

Dana Parrish
Administrative Services Specialist