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Title I (ESSA Support) Cooperative

The purpose of the Title I Coop is to provide consultant services concerning ESSA requirements. The services include the full cycle of requirements from application through evaluation solely for the current-year ESSA application. The Coop also provides district and campus level technical assistance for inquiries or problems and provides district/campus specific professional development and technical support.


Services Provided

  • Meetings with school personnel to plan program design and gather necessary data for the ESSA consolidated application process
  • Preparation and submission of the Applicant Designation Certification form
  • Preparation and submission of the ESSA Consolidated Application and amendments for federal funds to TEA, including adjusted allocations, maximum entitlements,reallocations, SIP designation or other individual district/charter changes
  • Collection of information from district/charter personnel and submission of all necessary TEA e-grants performance reports
  • Site visits to gather and submit to TEA the annual ESSA Compliance report
  • Training for paraprofessionals to meet the required highly qualified standard
  • Professional development focused on Title I issues at the campus level, as requested
  • Technical assistance for Title I campuses in the development of required Parent Involvement Policies and Home-School Compacts, as requested
  • Professional development and technical assistance at district/charter and/or campus to meet the needs resulting from the comprehensive needs assessment, as requested
  • Liaison services between the district/charter and TEA through ongoing communication and information exchange to maximize program effectiveness and efficiency
  • Professional development on required Title I documentation, including Region 9 Documentation Notebook and Region 9 Federal Programs Calendar


Current News

8/23/17:  TEA has released a list of data subject validations for this school year and the timeline that will be followed. Random Validations for 2017-18 Fiscal Data



Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, schools and teachers will only need to meet state requirements for certification.  The federal term of “highly qualified teacher status” will no longer apply.  It is important to note that all state certification requirements adopted in State Board for Educator Certification rule remain in place. Paraprofessionals must still meet the highly qualified requirements.

Highly Qualified Paraprofessional requirements under ESSA
State-Certification requirements under ESSA

Title I Contacts

Kenny Miller
Director, District Operations

Kara Fluty
ESSA & Special Programs Specialist

Kristi Hankins
ESSA & Special Programs/School Health & Safety Specialist


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