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Behavior and Discipline

 Region 9 ESC provides information, support, technical assistance and professional development to aid educators in the following areas:

Positive Behavior Intervention Support:  PBIS is a set of research-based strategies which effective teachers use to manage student behavior and enhance student motivation. The strategies may be used for school-wide, classroom and/or individual students with many different types of behavioral challenges.  PBS builds a positive climate on the campus to include all students, not just those with challenging behaviors.

Texas Behavior Support Initiative:  TBSI, established in 2001 in response to Senate Bill 1196, is designed to build capacity in Texas schools for the provision of positive behavior support (PBS) to all students.  The goal is to educate all students, especially those with challenging behaviors, in a school environment which is positive, proactive and instructional. 

Handle With Care:  Handle with Care is a training program to equip educators with the skills needed in a crisis situation.  The program focuses on early warning signs of an individual’s behavior that may escalate, effective interventions that may be used before the behavior becomes dangerous, and ways to control the situation if the individual becomes violent.  

For more information on behavior/discipline please see Janelle Walta’s page.