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Student Software and Accounting Cooperative

This program provides training for school district and charter school personnel in the operation of TxEIS student software components.  Assistance is offered in student registration, attendance, grade reporting, student scheduling, discipline, grade book, special education, health, graduation plan, parent portal, and PEIMS. 

Products and services provided:

  • TxEIS Student Software and SQL:
    • Training and technical assistance in the TxEIS student software and SQL updates
  • Customized Student Accounting Services: Specialized services to meet the individualized needs of local districts/charters  including:
    • Assistance with registration, attendance accounting, grade reporting, scheduling and discipline reporting
  • Customized Support Packages with options for Bronze (75 hours), Silver (100 hours), or Gold Level Support (175 hours) including:
    • On-Site Services
    • Multiple District/Charter Contacts
    • Phone/Email Support (After Hours)
    • Documentation
    • Training/Workshops
    • Problem Resolution
    • Remote Access Assistance
    • 3rd Party Vendor Assistance
    • Custom Report