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TEA Science News and Updates

TEA News and Updates

Science TEKS Review Work Group Drafts and Feedback Needed  Feedback will be accepted in response to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) work group drafts throughout the review and revision process. Comments on drafts will help to inform future work groups' recommendations. When providing specific comments and recommendations for a work group, please identify the work group in the subject line of the email. For example, in the subject line, please indicate "Science TEKS Review Work Group A Feedback." Please submit comments to TEA at

Work Group A: Work Group A met in February 2020 to identify key areas and recurring topics from feedback collected related to the TEKS review process, including SBOE guidance to work groups, content advisor consensus recommendations, and the results of the Science TEKS Review Survey (December 2019–January 2020). The work group was charged with developing recommendations for how subsequent science TEKS review work groups could address the feedback received. Work Group A's recommendations are provided below. Click on the item to download the PDF. Work Group A Recommendations (PDF, 224 KB)

Science TEKS Review Work Group Application  

The SBOE is still accepting applications for science TEKS review work groups. Applications received will be submitted to SBOE members for review throughout the process. Individuals selected will be asked to serve on one or more work groups. The TEKS review work groups will convene in Austin for a minimum of one face-to-face meeting. Additional meetings may be conducted via webinar. To access the application and for more information regarding the science TEKS review, please visit the Science TEKS Review webpage at   Questions regarding the application or TEKS review process may be sent via email to

Streamlined Science TEKS Now Effective: The streamlined science TEKS for K-8 science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC) are now effective and will be assessed on the grades 5 and 8 STAAR and the Biology End-of-Course exam beginning in December of 2018 and thereafter. The streamlined TEKS can be found in the Texas Administrative Code at The streamlined TEKS in Spanish are available at

Biology, Physics, and Chemistry Free Resources from TEA

OpenStax Open-Source Instructional Materials-OpenStax (Rice University) open-source instructional materials are available at                     The products are organized into units and chapters and can be used like traditional textbooks as the entire syllabus for a course. OpenStax open-source instructional materials will be fully available in September. For assistance in locating sample materials, contact the Instructional Materials Division at (512) 463-9601 or


Study Edge Open-Source Instructional Materials-Study Edge open-source instructional materials are available on the Texas Gateway. Materials are available for Precalculus and Statistics as well as Chemistry and Physics. The products created by Study Edge are delivered in short videos with master teachers presenting the material. The videos can be used to teach an entire course or as supplemental material to help students be more successful in these challenging courses. For more information about Study Edge open-source materials available through TEA, visit For additional assistance, contact the Instructional Materials Division at (512) 463-9601 or


Texas Education on iTunes U- New Amoeba Sisters Science Videos on Texas Education on iTunes U  (also available on the Texas Gateway)