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Special Education Field Service Specialist

In 2017, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) piloted the implementation of Special Education Liaisons or Special Education Field Agents as we are called in some regions, to be a part of a state-wide PLC-Professional Learning Community. Each of the Regional Education Service Centers (ESCs) across the state come together monthly to share, plan, and collaborate to provide differentiated and targeted support and assistance to local districts. 


Special Education Liaisons



“Connecting resources and supports across Texas to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.”

The Field Service Specialist provides on-site support specifically designed and customized to meet the needs of Local Education Agencies (LEAs).  Field Supports about Special Education are available for district leadership, campus administration, classroom instructors, and special education professional staff. 

For more information contact Amy Rogers at 940-322-6928. 

Below is a podcast produced by the collaboration of ESC 9, ESC 11, and ESC 12.


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