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Requests for Proposals

Requests for Proposals 2017-2018

Multi Regional Purchasing Cooperative (Region 9 ESC, Fiscal Agent) – RFPs for 2018-2019 are now closed.  RFPs are released mid-March each year. 

Region 9 ESC 

  • RFP #2018-05 – Statewide Survey of Parents of Students Receiving Special Education Services – CLOSING DATE:  Thursday, June 14, 2018 – 2:00 PM (CDT) 
    For packet – email or call at 940-322-6928

    Questions Submitted Re: RFP #2018-05

    • Can a foreign company apply (e.g. one from the UK)?
      Answer:  No restrictions were placed on location of business for respondents.
    • Does the company has to have work experience in the US, or is it enough if the company has a multi year experience doing work of similar size and scope outside the US? 
      Answer:  No restrictions were placed on location of similar projects.
    • Who was carrying out this work in 2017/2018?
      Answer:  Gibson Consulting Group (Austin, Texas)



For information on any RFPs, contact Dana Parrish, Administrative Support, or 940-322-6928.