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Gifted and Talented (G/T) Cooperative

The G/T Cooperative provides technical assistance to districts and charter schools in the implementation and evaluation of G/T programs. It also provides professional development in the area of gifted and talented education to classroom teachers, administrators, school board members, and parents. Classes on giftedness, differentiated instruction, and G/T curriculum design are available.

Services provided are:

Direct Student Services

  • Student day seminars on a rotation basis
  • Credit by Examination (without prior instruction) testing (13 dates a year)

Teacher Professional Development

  • Five-day training institute for teachers of the gifted
  • Training related to G/T curriculum design
  • G/T related classes as requested and summer professional development
  • Online G/T professional development

Technical Assistance—Identification

  • Policy writing and revision
  • Training of screening committees and review of identification process and procedure
  • Appropriate curriculum planning for students
  • Information and assistance related to Credit by Examination for students without prior instruction (testing dates available from the ESC with free testing available according to refined ADA)
  • A bank of assessments for G/T identification

Technical Assistance—Curriculum

  • Assistance in differentiation, documentation, and alignment
  • Assistance with portfolio development
  • Campus visitations and model teaching, as requested

Gifted/Talented services to all districts and charter schools include the following:

  • TEA Updates (G/T Coordinator's meeting twice a year)
  • Information on Advanced Placement, Pre Advanced Placement, Math Counts, Odyssey of the Mind, and Texas Future Problem Solving
  • Administrator/Counselor Training on nature, needs, characteristics, and program design for gifted students
  • Technical assistance and professional development opportunities

This program provides technical assistance to districts in implementing and evaluating Gifted/Talented programs. It also provides professional development in the area of gifted and talented to classroom teachers, administrators, school board members and parents. Workshops on giftedness, thinking skills, and G/T curriculum design for all teachers are available upon request.

Upcoming GT Sessions for Spring 2022

30-Hour Foundation (Face-to-Face)

30-Hour Foundation (On-line)

6-Hour G/T Update Sessions (Non Coop)

thinkingUpcoming GT Sessions for Summer 2022

30-Hour Foundation (Face-to-Face and On-line)
Six-Hour Updates G/T Coop (Face-to-Face)
Six-Hour Updates G/T Coop (On-line)

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