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State Assessment/Data Solutions

Door is always open even to my office.  Feel free to visit and click around inside my virtual office above or stop by my physical office at Region 9.  

State Assessment Updates

From Commissioner Mike Morath

From Commissioner Mike Morath

TEA COVID 19 State Assessment Guidance

Welcome to the COVID-19 support page for student assessment. Here you can find guidance and resources organized by the following categories. Simply click on a category link to be taken directly to those resources below on the page. 
STAAR Assessment    TELPAS

Optional Beginning of Year Assessments     Optional End of Year Assessments

 FitnessGram    Other Assessments

Holly Hawkins: Region 9 Testing Coordinator  

If any guidance is needed in regards to materials, procedures, requirements, or student impact, please do not hesitate to contact me. If I do not have the information, I will get in contact with those who do. If you have questions, let's find answers.


To learn more about any of the Texas state assessments or to find solutions to the data collected in regards to assessment at both state and local levels, click on the icon of interest below.  These link to great resources for stakeholdes.  If you are an educator at any level or a parent at any of our Region 9 schools, our service center is always open and ready to support your educational needs or concerns.  State assessment can cause anxitety to all involved, but I hope you will find ease in knowing you have a regional testing coordinator that is will be there with you every step of the way.  

-Holly Hawkins

R9 Assesment Coordinator

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Substitute Assessments no longer count towards accountability, but can count towards graduation.

When a student is unable to substitute or pass all five EOC assessments required for graduation, an IGC can meet to graduate those who have passed or substituted three out of the five required EOC assessments. Every student must attempt each of the five EOC assessments before a substitute test can be used.

Individual Graduation Committees

Individual Graduation Committees (IGC)Student receiving diploma

SB 213 (2019) - Individual Graduation Committees 
(effective through September 1, 2023)

First enacted with SB 149 (2015), Individual Graduation Committees (IGC) allow student the option to graduate even though they've not passed all of their EOC exams. A student who has failed the EOC assessment graduation requirements for no more than two, out of the number they must take, may receive a Texas high school diploma if the student has qualified to graduate by means of an individual graduation committee (IGC) determination. (Source: TEA State Graduation Requirement page) 

Updates on Individual Graduation Committees (as of May 2019)

SB 213 (2019) updates SB 463 (2017), a piece of legislation which updated SB 149. SB 213 now extends the end date of this committee to September 1, 2023. Text of SB 463(opens PDF document).  Text of SB 213 (2019)(opens PDF document). This legislation also allows the inclusion of TAKS students. Processes and procedures for STAAR IGC remain the same. There are currently some pieces of legislation in process for this. Stay tuned for updates.

TEA creates an FAQ document to guide districts in implementing IGCs(opens PDF document) (posted Oct 13, 2015, on TEA's Graduation Requirements page(opens external link in new window))

TEA Makes Announcement on implementation of SB149 through letter addressed to administrators(opens external link in new window) (posted on May 5, 2015)