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Title I, ESSA Support Cooperative

The purpose of the Title I Coop is to provide consultant services concerning ESSA requirements. The services include the full cycle of requirements from application through evaluation solely for the current-year ESSA application. The Coop also provides district and campus level technical assistance for inquiries or problems and provides district/campus specific professional development and technical support.


Services Provided

  • Meetings with school personnel to plan program design and gather necessary data for the ESSA consolidated application process
  • Preparation and submission of the Applicant Designation Certification form
  • Preparation and submission of the ESSA Consolidated Application and amendments for federal funds to TEA, including adjusted allocations, maximum entitlements,reallocations, SIP designation or other individual district/charter changes
  • Collection of information from district/charter personnel and submission of all necessary TEA e-grants performance reports
  • Site visits to gather and submit to TEA the annual ESSA Compliance report
  • Training for paraprofessionals to meet the required highly qualified standard
  • Professional development focused on Title I issues at the campus level, as requested
  • Technical assistance for Title I campuses in the development of required Parent Involvement Policies and Home-School Compacts, as requested
  • Professional development and technical assistance at district/charter and/or campus to meet the needs resulting from the comprehensive needs assessment, as requested
  • Liaison services between the district/charter and TEA through ongoing communication and information exchange to maximize program effectiveness and efficiency
  • Professional development on required Title I documentation and the monthly Region 9 Federal Programs Calendar

For more information, contact Kara Fluty, Director of Federal Programs.