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The following are resources that we provide to parents interested in home schooling their child.

Texas Education Agency

The first resource to review is the TEA website. In addition, we have provided a letter from the Commissioner of Education and a letter to school district officials on parents’ rights to home school their children.

The Texas Education Agency provides online courses to eligible students through the Texas Virtual School Network (TXVSN). The TXVSN is made up of two components. The Course Catalog and Full-Time Online Schools. The TXVSN On-Line Schools program offers full-time virtual instruction to eligible Texas public school students in grades 3-12 who enroll in one of the schools approved to participate in the program.

The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) identify what Texas students should know and be able to do at every grade level and in every course in the required curriculum, as they move forward successfully through public schools and is therefore a great place for parents to start. These learning standard can be found at the following link:

For a printable resource, select this link.

For additional information provided by TEA on home schooling, contact the Texas Home School Coalition or the Texas Home Educators. As an alternative, parents can contact the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission for information about accredited private schools. Parents interested in the state-mandated curriculum standards can visit the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) page on the TEA website.

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