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Special Education Liaisons

Our Purpose:

Special Education Liaisons provide additional supports and services to LEAs at each of the 20 Education Services Centers across Texas. While our approach varies along with the regional needs of LEAs, our purpose is to "connect resources and supports across Texas to improve outcomes for students with disabilities."

Liaison areas of support include:

· Providing professional development in the areas of: Results Driven Accountability, Differentiated Monitoring and Support, and Data Analysis

· Supporting LEAs with Cyclical and Targeted Reviews, Significant Disproportionality, RF Tracker, and SPED Self-Assessments.

· Connecting LEAs and schools with ESC 9 Special Education Specialists.

· Assisting LEA's in creation of Corrective Action Plans/Strategic Support Plans.


Willis Norton M.Ed.

Special Education Liaison ESC 9

(940) 322-6928


Dr. Carrie Yoakum

Special Education Liaison ESC 9

(940) 397-6928


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