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Christi Kelton
Kelton, Christi
Early Learning Specialist (Pre-K/PPCD)
christi.kelton@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Jill Landrum
Landrum, Jill
Director, ESC Quality Development
jill.landrum@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Vicki Lawson
Lawson, Vicki
Department Secretary, ESC Quality Development / Teaching & Learning
Vicki.Lawson@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
D\\\'Andrea Lee
Lee, D'Andrea
Visual Impairment/Orientation & Mobility Spec.
DeeDee.Lee@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Tiffany Lee
Lee, Tiffany
Tiffany Lee
tiffany.lee@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Joni Lemley
Lemley, Joni
Elementary ELAR/Social Studies
Joni.Lemley@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Maureen Lewis
Lewis, Maureen
Special Education Field Service Specialist
maureen.lewis@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Patty Lewis
Lewis, Patty
Print Shop / Mail Room Technician
Patty.Lewis@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Janay Litz
Litz, Janay
Chief Financial Officer
janay.litz@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Carol Lown
Lown, Carol
School Business / PEIMS Specialist
carol.lown@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Tricia Marsh
Marsh, Tricia
Visual / Auditory Impairment Specialist
Tricia.Marsh@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Darla McClure
McClure, Darla
School Business / PEIMS Specialist
Darla.McClure@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Connie McNutt
McNutt, Connie
Department Secretary, District Operations / Accountability & Compliance
Connie.McNutt@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Salli Mendez
Mendez, Salli
School Business / PEIMS Specialist
Salli.Mendez@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Kenny Miller
Miller, Kenny
Director, District Operations
kenny.miller@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Adam Moore Moore, Adam
Custodian, Part Time
adam.moore@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Donna Moore
Moore, Donna
Child Nutrition Specialist- CACFP, SFSP/SSO
Donna.Moore@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Cindy Moses
Moses, Cindy
Director, Special Education
cindy.moses@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Travis Neville
Neville, Travis
Child Nutrition Specialist
Travis.Neville@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Raquel Oxford
Oxford, Raquel
Bilingual/ESL/Migrant Specialist
raquel.oxford@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Pat Page
Page, Pat
Director, Teaching and Learning 9 ESC View Website
Dana Parrish
Parrish, Dana
Administrative Support to Deputy Executive Director
Dana.Parrish@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Joshua Parrish
Parrish, Joshua
Network and Database Administrator
joshua.parrish@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Tracy Patrick
Patrick, Tracy
School Improvement / RtI / Curriculum Specialist
Tracy.Patrick@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Paula Perkins
Perkins, Paula
Parent Coordination Network, Statewide Lead
paula.perkins@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Wes Pierce
Pierce, Wes
Executive Director
wes.pierce@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Christi Pirkle
Pirkle, Christi
Executive Services / HR Specialist
Christi.Pirkle@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Shane Porter
Porter, Shane
School Improvement/High Reliability Schools Specialist
shane.porter@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Barbara Pruett
Pruett, Barbara
Student Accounting / PEIMS Specialist
Barbara.Pruett@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Xochitl Pruit
Pruit, Xochitl
Adult Education & Literacy Career Pathway Navigator
Xochitl.Pruit@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Rita Reeder
Reeder, Rita
AT / PPCD / Low-Incidence Specialist
rita.reeder@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Misti Robinson
Robinson, Misti
School Business / PEIMS Specialist
Misti.Robinson@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Carla Rodgers
Rodgers, Carla
Federal Programs Fiscal Specialist
carla.rodgers@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC View Website
Amy Rogers
Rogers, Amy
Transition / Secondary / PGC Specialist 9 ESC View Website
Virginia Rose
Rose, Virginia
Department Secretary, Special Education / Head Start
Virginia.Rose@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
Karla Rush
Rush, Karla
Department Secretary, Technology Services
Karla.Rush@esc9.netRegion 9 ESC
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