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Parent Coordination Network

PCN Logo

Region 9 ESC provides statewide leadership for the Parent Coordination Network (PCN). 

The PCN is committed to ensuring that parents of students with disabilities receive accurate and timely information to assist them in making informed choices in their children’s education.  The PCN is made up of members from all twenty Education Service Centers across the state of Texas.  Ongoing collaboration takes place among network members to address the Network’s established priorities of:


  • for schools to facilitate parent involvement
  • for parents to gain accurate information and knowledge related to their child’s disability
  • for both schools and parents to share in joint trainings



  • to facilitate and maintain a wide range of resources and support for parents and educators to understand and engage in the ongoing process of the special education system
  • to assist district-facilitation of the Parent Involvement Survey



  • in utilization of the PCN to spread information in the identified areas of need in special education
  • in ongoing communication between Network members
  • in collaboration between parent organizations
  • in coordination with the Texas Education Agency



  • to conduct state-level needs assessments
  • to evaluate statewide trainings
  • to share and replicate best and innovative practices
  • to respond to legislative requests
  • to coordinate with TEA on issues pertaining to parent involvement and family engagement in the special education process


For more information, check out the Parent Coordination Network website!  Other foundational parent information may be accessed via SpedTexTexas Project FIRST, Parent Companion, or Texas Education Agency websites.