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Technology Backup Services

In an effort to assist districts/charters in data backup, Region 9 Education Service Center offers an email archiving solution, as well as an off-site rack space rental option. Both of these services are available to districts/charters that are members of the Net9 Internet Service Provider (ISP) Cooperative.


Hosted E-Mail: E-mail accounts hosted through Region 9 ESC are hosted off-site and archived for a minimum of 7 years. This service allows archived emails to be available upon demand. The fee assessed is based on the number of prior year email accounts.


Rack Space: Districts/charters can purchase rack space in Region 9 Education Service Center’s server room to house a district owned and maintained server for the purpose of off-site backup. This server room is climate controlled, secured against unauthorized entry via a keypad and card access, and backed up by a generator