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Professional Development Cooperative

This cooperative provides a comprehensive plan for the delivery of professional development in federal and state core curricular areas. The cooperative is specifically designed to meet the professional development needs of districts, campuses, charter schools, and other school personnel.  Members of this cooperative receive free access to general professional development sessions offered at Region 9 Education Service Center.


Services provided:

  • Professional development and technical support in instructional strategies for teachers
  • Developing leadership competencies for campus and district administrators
  • State required leadership training for school board members
  • Targeted professional development opportunities for member districts/charters
  • Registration and documentation for continuing professional education credits maintained via the professional development management system


Additional charges apply in certain situations such as:

  • T-TESS and T-PESS classes with the required certification fees forwarded to Region 13 or other sponsoring agencies
  • Classes with additional material costs and/or certification fees
  • Classes issuing other types of training credits
  • Distinguished national speakers with individual attendee registration fees
  • On-site customized training and support