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Asbestos/IPM Services Cooperative

Membership in the asbestos program provides districts and charter schools access to experienced environmental personnel, professional and informative training, and assistance with regulatory compliance as well as substantial cost savings on a wide variety of environmental consulting services.  TASB is the responsible agency for service and Region 9 ESC is the invoicing agency.  All services within this cooperative are delivered over a 3-year cycle and are renewable every three years.  Lab fees associated with sample testing are not included in this service.  These fees are negotiated and paid directly with the testing lab.

Services provided:


  • 3-year asbestos inspection
  • Audit and revision of existing asbestos management plan
  • On-line access to Asbestos Management Plan information and reports
  • Training for District Asbestos Designated Person (EPA, TDSHS)
  • Orientation for personnel monitoring spaces with identified asbestos
  • Ongoing reminders for District Asbestos Designated Person
    • Six month monitoring reminders, surveillance forms, and reports (emailed each December and June)
    • Notification of regulation changes
  • Assistance with TDSHS random audits and inspections, including assistance of post-audit correspondence to regulatory agency

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

  • Development of Integrated Pest Management Plan and Policies (TDA)
  • Audit and revision of existing Integrated Pest Management Plan
  • Periodic plan updates
  • Notification of regulation changes
  • Training for Integrated Pest Management Coordinator (TDA)

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