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Complex Access Needs

Students with complex access needs or significant cognitive disabilities can be educationally successful when given appropriate instructional supports.  Oftentimes, they require the most intensive supports to access the curriculum through pre-requisite skills, regardless of the disability category.

At Region 9, we seek to support educators and families of students with complex access needs with effective, evidence-based tools and strategies to help them on their journeys filled with increased connection, access and opportunities.   

TX CAN logo

Region 9 is part of TX CAN (Texas Complex Access Network), a statewide leadership project that focuses on building the capacity of both educators and families to raise awareness of the limitless potential of students with cognitive disabilities.  TX CAN provides timely, appropriate, and high-quality RESOURCES to guide educators and families in supporting students with complex access needs.  ONLINE COURSES and PARENT VIDEOS (in both English and Spanish), also provide meaningful opportunities to learn, be encouraged, and hold high expectations.

Here are a few Complex Access Needs resources: