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Complex Access/Low Incidence Disabilities

This program area serves as an information and referral source for students who have severe and profound cognitive disabilities, are medically fragile, and/or deafblind. Training is provided for parents and educators of these students.  A deafblind specialist collaborates with the Texas Deafblind Project to identify students with deafblindness and to ensure families are familiar with the Project. On-site consultations will be available for students with low incidence disabilities.

TX Can Website

Visit the TXCan website for parent videos, teacher resources and upcoming learning opportunities.



Complex Access Needs Resources

CAN is a Texas statewide group of Complex Access Needs and Deafblind network members and works to build their capacity to meet the identified areas of need of students with a severe cognitive disability, medically fragile, or deafblind.

The links below come from the statewide network website.